Can I block off certain days for delivery?

Modified on Thu, 23 Jan 2020 at 09:48 PM

Do you need to temporarily suspend your website from receiving customer orders during a busy time, a holiday, or a period of shop closure?

We recommend taking the following measures to clearly communicate to customers that you are not accepting orders for delivery/pickup on certain dates:

  • Mark delivery dates as unavailable
  • Add message to banner (optional, but recommended)
  • Add message to delivery policy (optional, but recommended)

Please note that these steps will not actually "turn off" your site. It will prevent any orders from processing with delivery or pick-up dates in the range you disable and notify customers that you will be only accepting phone orders for the period. A customer will still be able to order an item for delivery for after the holiday with no issue.

Mark Delivery Dates Unavailable on Delivery Calendar

The dates you make unavailable will be unselectable for delivery or pickup on your website checkout page.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Website Settings > Delivery Calendar
  2. Select the dates on calendar you do not want to accept online delivery or pickup orders (they will be highlighted in blue)
  3. Click Save

Important: These dates in blue will not be available for pickup or delivery on your website checkout. Days with a check mark will be blocked out every week for days you are closed consistently, ie. Sundays.

Announce Delivery Unavailability with a Top Bar Message

Help set expectations for customers up front by explaining which delivery/pickup dates are unavailable for online ordering to avoid frustration—you wouldn't want a customer to spend time browsing your site and adding items to their cart only to find out at checkout they can't get delivery on the days they choose. 

  1. Go to Website > Design > Top Bar and set "Show top nav bar text" to Yes
  2. Update the text and background colors as you see fit (we have found white text on a red background is most effective)
  3. Add your message to the bottom box
  4. Be sure to hit the Save button in the upper right corner when you're finished

Eg: We are only taking Valentine's Day orders by phone! Please call for more information: (212) 222-2222

Note: You will need to change this back yourself after the holiday!

 Add a Message to Delivery Policy

Add a message to your delivery section to let customers know what your policy will be for the rest of the week, or to invite them to call the shop to order.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Website Settings > Website Settings
  2. Scroll down to Delivery Policy and add text

Again, you will need to switch this back yourself after the holiday!

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