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Order Toolbar

Start your order by designating the employee taking the order (click "Select Employee" and choose a name from the list).

Next, select the request type, Walk-In or Phone. You will be able to filter your sales reports based on walk-in and phone orders.

Next, set the order type.

Taken: This order type is for in-shop purchases at the point of sale. For phone orders, use Delivery or Pickup as applicable. Taken orders can include customer information, but aren't required to.

Delivery: If someone calls or walks into your store and places an order to be delivered, you would use this tab.

Pickup: Use this tab if your customer will be coming to the store to pick up the order at a later time.

Wire Out: Use this tab if your customer would like to send an order to another location outside your delivery area.

There are a couple other options on your Take Order toolbar:

Drafts: If an order is ever interrupted, you can recover a saved copy of it from here. Drafts of each order save automatically every few seconds.

Open Drawer: If you have an automatic cash drawer attached to your receipt printer, press this button and print a short receipt to open the drawer.

Customer Info

Now we'll enter the customer's information as applicable. By default, the only information required in this section is the customer's first and last name.

For returning customers, you can start typing the name in the search bar and any customer name in your database will fill in for you to select. Any additional information you add to the Customer Info section will be added to their customer record upon completing the order.

Sometimes you may start typing a customer's name and the system will warn you of a duplicate customer record. It is recommended you choose from among the customers suggested so that you don't create extraneous customer records.

If this is order will be placed on a customer's house account or if this customer is tax exempt, you mark either checkbox in the Customer Info section as you enter their information.

Recipient Info

For delivery orders and wire-outs, enter the address of the customer receiving the order.

Mark the "Use sender address" box to copy the customer address down to the recipient info section as needed.

You can click the blue Validate button near Zip/Postal Code to check the address you've entered against a mapping database and confirm it's been entered correctly.

If this is an address that you may use often (like a funeral home, hospital, or church) you can add the address to the Saved Addresses drop down by clicking the Save Address button.

Card Message

For delivery, pickup, or wire-out orders, we will enter the card message to be included with the order.

Under the card message text box, you can click Shortcuts to access a list of common greetings for a quick, automatic fill-in.

Delivery/Pickup Date: Select the date that the delivery is to take place.

Special Delivery Instructions: Here you will enter any special instructions for the delivery person. (ie. "Go around to the back door and knock")

Event: You can select the event this arrangement is for from the dropdown menu. Annual events will enable you to send a reminder email to the customer in the next year, while Sympathy enables you to include an acknowledgement in one section of the card.

Product Info

If your customer has a particular request like a vase of daisies and carnations, you can enter this into the Product Description box and apply a price.

If your customer is interested in a specific arrangement from your website or catalog, you can type in the name to the Search Products field to find the product and populate the order with this information.

Remember to click Add Item to add the product to the subtotal!

Total Order

Now we can see an overview of our order.

If the customer would like to be emailed their receipt, mark the checkbox next to the customer's email address.

If you would like to override the automatic Delivery Charge, you can do so by entering the new charge into the empty field.

Once you have confirmed that everything is correct, click Take Payment at the bottom. If you are sent back to the top of the page, a required field may be empty.

Take Payment

A new pop-up will appear. Select the method of payment for your customer, then fill out any of the applicable information.

Once this has been entered, you can either click Complete Order, Complete + Receipt, or Complete + Ticket to complete the order and print the appropriate document. Receipts and tickets can always be printed later if you miss this step.

That's it, you've taken an order!

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