Managing Incoming/Outgoing Wire Orders with Floranext

Modified on Mon, 02 Mar 2020 at 04:36 PM

The Floranext florist POS allows you to easily manage incoming and outgoing wire orders. This article will review recording incoming and outgoing wire orders, not including Flower Shop Network. To set up wire services (including Flower Shop Network), see articles below:

Recording Incoming Wire Orders (For Reporting Purposes Only!)

An incoming order from a wire service will be recorded as a local delivery order, but since the payment for the order will be handled by the wire service, you'll select Wire Service as the payment method versus cash, credit card, etc. (For help recording Flower Shop Network Orders, see Floranext POS and Flower Shop Network Overview)

  1. Create a new Delivery order
  2. For the Customer Info, enter in the applicable wire service (FTD, Teleflora, Bloomnet) and fill in order details
  3. Click Take Payment and set payment type to Wire Service

Several fields will appear to allow you to enter in more details about the sending florist. All are optional. It's recommended to fill in at least the Wire Service because the Wire Services Report will be generated based on this field. 

Recording Wire-Out Orders (For Reporting Purposes Only!)

For help recording Flower Shop Network Orders, see Floranext POS and Flower Shop Network Overview.

Start a new order and set order type to Wire Out. If Wire Out is not an option, navigate to Settings > POS Settings and set Use Wire Out to Yes.

Complete all order details as normal.

For the Wire Out section, choose the wire service you will use to send the order (If the wire service is not shown in list, see Wire Service Settings for guidance). Note that these wire services are for reporting purposes only and will not send the order out automatically. You will still need to send the order out.

Take Payment from your customer and complete the order as with any other delivery order.

Wire Service Reports

For reporting, generate Wire Service Report to view outgoing and incoming wire service orders by going to Reports > Wire Service Report and selecting the relevant time frame.

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