Credits and how to View them in Reports

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Creating a Credit and Viewing Reports

When a payment is received on a house account and is not applied to an order, it will show on the house account as an Unapplied Credit that can be used to pay future orders.

In this example, a $200.00 check was applied to this house account as an Unapplied Credit.


How will Unapplied Credits show on Reports?

The Unapplied Credit has no order number since it hasn't been applied to an actual order and will show as 'Unapplied Credit' on your Reports

Daily Sales Report

The Unapplied Credit will show under the payment method that was used and will show in the summary at the top of the Daily Sales Report


Sales Report

To include Unapplied Credits in your Sales Report, keep the 'Unapplied Credit' box checked.  Any Unapplied Credit that was recorded within the dates you've selected will be included in the report under the payment method that was used.


Product Category Report

Since the Unapplied Credit has not been used to pay for any product yet, Unapplied Credits will not show on your Product Category Report.


Applying Credit and Viewing Reports

If a house account has an Unapplied Credit existing on it, the credit will automatically apply to the next order that is charged to that house account. 

In the example below, Order 2801 was charged to Bill Smith's house account which had a $2 Unapplied Credit on it, so the order was paid in full with Applied Credit.  To view orders that were paid with Applied Credit, check the box on the Sales Report.



Product Category Reports

The order will show in the Product Category Reports for the date it is paid.

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