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Floranext offers the ability to set markups on our Advanced Proposals so that you can make sure you are charging the right price for your weddings and events. 

This article explains how to set markups and how you can use them to calculate the right price for arrangements. 

Setting Markup

You can set the default proposal markup in Settings > Proposal Settings.

You can also change markup on the proposal page itself.

Note: Changing your markups in Proposal Settings will NOT update your previously created proposals. It is also possible to customize your Markups per Proposal. For more information, read here.

Using Markups

You can use markups to calculate the right floral components for an arrangement. 

How Do Markups Work?

There are three types of markups in the advanced proposals manager:

  1. Floral
  2. Supply
  3. Labor

Floral and Supply Markups

The math for Floral and Supply Markups works very much the same. They just apply a set multiplier to two different types of components in a recipe. 

The Floral Markup would only apply towards any Flower Component and the Supply Markup to any Supply Component.

The breakdown of the math can be viewed on the item's detail page (see below).

For example, the Bridal Bouquet:

  • Floral Markup = 2
  • Floral Cost = 10 Red Roses with a cost = $10 floral cost
  • Floral Cost of ($10) * Markup (2) = Marked Up Cost ($20) 

Note: Floral and Supply Markups must be set at least 1 or higher.

Labor & Guideline Price

The Labor Markup is set at a percentage, which is calculated from the Total from the Floral and Supply Markups. From the previous example, we've found that this item recipe for a Dozen Roses in a single Vase would be Marked Up to $39. 

Say you set your Labor Markup to 10%. We would then add $3.90 to the Total Markup price.

This is where we get our Guideline Price.

For further reference, this information is organized for use in the following locations: the Estimate Feature, the Worksheet Printout, and the Shopping List Printout.

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