Subscription Flowers

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Flower Subscriptions are a tool for Floranext florist website customers to earn more by enabling customers to buy repeating flowers and plants. 

For example, a website customer can buy roses for his wife to be delivered every month for six months. Or a daughter can buy weekly flowers for her mother without any end date.


Subscription Flowers Process Overview

Here is an overview of what the customer will experience when ordering subscription flowers from your website.

  • Step 1 - Choose your Subscription Option

  • Step 2 - Choose Price, Frequency, and Duration

  • Step 3 - Order Review - Where the customer can review their order details, accept your Terms & Conditions and submit their order.

  • Step 4 - Login/ Account Creation (This step is skipped if the customer is already logged in)

  • Step 5 - Entering Recipient Information

  • Step 6 - Delivery Date, Card Message, and Delivery Instructions

  • Step 7 - Entering a Payment Method

Subscription Flower Settings

To enable, set notifications, and add subscription flowers to your website navbar, navigate to  Website ➜ Subscription Packages ➜ Subscription Website Settings Section

Subscription Flower Settings:

  • Enable/Disable Subscription page

  • Subscription/Standing Order Notification ( day(s) Reminder) - See below Note

  • Show on Nav Bar

  • Parent Menu ( Main Nav Bar or you can append to Nav Bar Category)

  • Page Title


Note - Subscription Flowers Order Notifications - based on the number of days you entered in for notification reminder, Floranext will notify you with both a reminder banner at the top of your instance and via email.

Subscription orders will drop into your admin upon purchase. you will receive all of your standard website order notifications: email, phone call, text and our new order "Chime."

How to Edit Subscription Flower Options

Floranext has provided default pricing, text, images, and Subscription Package options, but those can all be managed from Website ➜ Subscription Packages ➜ Subscription Pricing Section

Floranext default options are Roses, Season Flowers, and Plants. As a user, you can customize the subscription options. 

To edit a subscription package, click on "edit" to update. Information that can be updated is the following: 

  • Name of Package
  • Body Text
  • Images
    • To remove an image, Click on Trash Can Icon. 
    • To upload your own image, click on the camera icon or drag the image to the camera icon. 
  • Pricing Tiers
    • Price
    • Name
    • Description

With any changes, make sure you click on the blue save button in the upper-right-hand corner. 

Note - The pricing options work the same way as our website products pricing works. The first price is the base price, the second two tiers are added to the base price, just like product price upgrades. Ex: If the base price is $50, you can set the second tier to $25 to make a total of $75.

Subscription Flower Terms & Conditions

You can set custom Terms & Conditions for your Subscription service which will appear on the Page Selection page. Customers are required to select a checkbox agreeing that they have read and agree with your terms before they are able to submit their order.

To edit your Subscription Flowers Terms & Conditions, Navigate to Website ➜ Subscription Packages ➜ Subscription Terms and Conditions.

How to Set Up A Subscription Banner

Once you have enabled the Subscription Flowers page in the settings, you will be able to set up a banner to link to your subscription Flowers page too. 

Navigate to Website ➜ Banner.

From here you will click on the arrow on the blue button and select Update Banner

From the dropdown select Subscription Flowers and choice the banner you wish to show for subscription flowers. 

You can find Subscription banner images here!

How to Edit Subscription Orders Schedules

From your Admin, Navigate to Orders ➜ Subscription/Standing Orders.

Here you can edit upcoming Orders that have not been processed yet.



Is this related to Standing Orders? 

Yes. Standing Orders is an existing feature for our POS customers to set up recurring deliveries for customers. Subscription Flowers is a revamp and relabel of the old Standing Orders where customers can sign up and manage their Subscriptions from your website's frontend.

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