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Even if you are the #1 ranked Google result in your area, there are 5 other flower shops that will be more highly ranked because they bought Google Ads. 

Your flower business also needs to set aside a budget for Google Ads and other online advertising. But how to get started?


What are Google Adwords

When a user makes a web search with Google, ads appear next to search results. Google lets anyone bid on search terms like “florist” or “florist in San Francisco”. You can choose to put a text ad alongside these terms. Google lets advertisers bid on ads and puts the most-clicked and best content sites at the top.


Here are some pointers for how to build a successful advertising campaign. Make sure to approach this as a trial and error exercise at the beginning. It will take some time to get the formula just right!


How to Build a Florist Ad Campaign

  • Location-Specific Keywords – Choose your domain names carefully. Don’t waste your time on the keyword “florist”. You’re competing against the big guys who can outspend you. Instead, go for “Akron Florist” or “Akron best florist”. Make sure to use whatever keywords you choose in your ad!

  • Track your conversions using Google Analytics – Know if your advertising is generating profits for you. Google Analytics enables you to see which of your orders came directly from a Google Ad.

  • Deep Linking – Link some of your ads to specific sub-pages rather than your front page. For example, link an ad for funeral flowers to your funeral page, link your wedding ad to a wedding page, etc.

  • Domain Names – Google will give your ad a quality score based on the content on your page and the domain name. Your ad will do better if your keywords are in your domain name. For example, if your keywords are “Akron florist” and your website is, it will perform worse (and will get you fewer clicks) than if your website was

How Important is my Florist Domain Name?

Have a bad domain name? Don’t worry! You can buy additional domains and set up domain forwarding to your primary website. 

Examples of good keywords/domain name pairs are: 

Akron funeral florist/, Akron best florist/, Akron gift baskets/, Akron cheap florist/, Akron best flower shop/ 

These domain names will only help your organic search a bit, but they will give a boost to your Google AdWords conversion.

Optimizing your Florist Website Front Page

Ultimately, Google's strategy will only get you so far – customers are shopping around online and are very choosey. Average flower purchases online are under $40. So if your florist website front page is filled with $100 arrangements, you may turn off the majority of customers that are looking for value. Make sure your front page has a mix of price points including sub-$40 arrangements.

In summary, AdWords are the key to making money online. Don’t think of it as nice to have — Adwords are an essential part of making money through your florist website. The great thing is that Google makes it easy for a small florist to compete with big companies with big budgets.

Google AdWord Tracking

Floranext offers Google Adwords tracking integration with paid packages.

Just sign up for Google Adwords and they will provide you with a Conversion ID and Conversion Label. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to place the Conversion ID and Label for you.

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