Coupons and Discounts

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In this article, we will go over the process of adding coupons and discounts to products on your Floranext website.


If you are on the Floranext Platform 1.0, please refer to this article.

Creating Coupons 

Coupons can be created for a limited number of uses or duration of use.

In your Floranext dashboard, navigate to Products > Promotions > Coupons and click Add Coupon.

On this page you can set the name of the coupon, the number of uses, and dates. If you want unlimited dates or uses, just leave these fields blank.

There are 3 types of Discounts you can set in the Apply field:

  • Fixed amount discount for whole cart - this is the only discount that applies to both Website Production AND Add-on Products.
  • Fixed amount discount - Applies a fixed armount discount to the Website Products in the customer's Shopping Cart. 
  • Percent of price discount - Applies a percentage based discount to the Website Products in the customer's Shopping Cart.

Once you have created a coupon you can use it in your email marketing, online ads, and even post it on the front page of your website.

Creating the Discount

Now that we've set our product to be discounted in the appropriate category, let's now apply the discount!

Go to Product > Promotions > Catalog Price Rules

Click Add New Rule in the top right and enter the appropriate information into the Rule Information section.

Note: Customer groups should highlight "NOT LOGGED IN".


Now click Conditions on the left sidebar.

Click the green "+" button underneath "If ALL  of these conditions are TRUE :"

In the dropdown menu that appears, click Category.


Now click on the "..." that appears after "Category contains" (next to the red "X")


 Click on the notepad-like icon.


Select the "Sale Items" category (or whichever category you would like to apply the discount to) then select the green checkmark at the top to apply this selection.


Now that we've selected which category to apply the discount to, we need to tell it what kind of discount it will be.

on the left hand side we click on "ACTIONS".

Now we set the discount. You can set it by a certain percentage or by a fixed amount. For this tutorial I decided to do a $10 discount on the products in the "Sale Items" category. It looks like this:

Important Note: After filling up all the fields necessary and choosing settings, make sure to click "Save and Apply" button at the top instead of just "Save rule" or "save and continue" so the Discount will apply to your website. 

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