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How To Add Product

To create a product, navigate to Products ➜ Products

Once the product page loads, click on the blue button "Add Product"

Information needed:

  • Product Name: This will be the display name of your product.
  • Product ID: This can be any code you would like. If your shop already has ID numbers assigned to your products, enter them here. If you do not have ID numbers assigned, you can make up your own unique ID.
  • Product Type Set the type of product the item is - Standard, Every Day Add-on, or Sympathy Add-on. 
  • Price: List the price of the product. 
  • Upgrade Amount: If you have a bouquet of a dozen roses and you want to offer an upgrade to 24 roses, you can enter the upgrade price here. Remember, this price is what will be added to the total. Enter 10.00 if you wish for a $25.00 item to be $35.00 and so on. 
  • Product Available On: Determine whether to showcase your item on the Website & POS or POS Only.
  • Product Categories: Checking the box in front of the category will add the product to that category. To remove a product from that category, uncheck the box. 
  • Add-On Product Options: This with allow add-on options to show on the website product page. 

Required fields for this section: Product name, Product ID, Price, and Category.

Be sure to save your changes once you are complete!

Adding Images

Click to choose a file or drag and drop the image to upload. You can add multiple images. This first image will be the thumbnail for website view.

Product Description

Enter a description for your product. This will be visible on the website.

Product Customizable Options

Sometimes you may want to offer your website customers the option to customize an arrangement.

First, start by going to Products ➜ Products. Select the product and click Edit. In the Product Edit page, scroll down to the Product Options section and click to expand. Click on Add Option button. 

Information Required: 

  • Option Name
  • Option Type
  • Title
  • Product ID

Tax, Inventory, and More


Here you will select if the product is taxable or tax exempt. 

You can also chose to enable/disable Inventory Management for the product. In Stock is for if the product is in stock. If set to no, it will not be available on the website. The system will automatically set this to No once the stock hits 0. You will have to reenable this once you get more stock in. 


In this section, select if the product will show on the front page of your website .

If the Browse Only feature is set to Yes, this product will be visible on your website, but customers will not be able to add it to their cart. 

Editing and Disabling a Product

Locate the product you wish to edit. This can be done by navigation to your product or category page. You can also search the Product Name or ID in the top right of your dashboard. 

You may sometimes find the need to remove a product from view on your Website or remove a product from your POS.

There are a few different ways within the system to accomplish this. 

To start, locate the product you wish to disable. The first option is to check the box in front of the product name, click on the Actions button, select Change Status, and then select Enable or Disable.

The other option is to find your product, click on Edit, and then switch the Enable Product toggle on or off. 

You also have the option to delete a product from the Product Edit page. Once a product has been deleted, there is no way to bring it back. It is recommended to simply disable a product. 

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