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Your Floranext website can contain both product/category pages for showing products and Content pages (ie. Delivery Area, Weddings). See below for instructions on adding content to your website.


Adding New Content Pages

In your dashboard, navigate to Website ➜ Content ➜ Pages & Links.

Click on the blue button - Add New Page in the upper right.

All pages added are automatically enabled.

Pages are also enabled to show on Nav Bar. To remove from Nav Bar switch the toggle to No. If you wish to continue to have the page show on the Nav Bar select the Parent menu option and create a page title

Next is Content. Here you can add images and text to your page. 

Don't Forget to Save!

How to Edit Content Pages

In your dashboard, navigate to Website ➜ Pages & Links

Click on Edit on the pages you have created to edit them.


Your Floranext website also contains some premade pages, including About Us, Customer Service, Weddings, etc.

How to add Local Pages

Local pages are a valuable tool to show your customers the areas you serve. You can use them simply to show the cities/towns you deliver to, or you can include pages for local businesses or facilities you deliver to frequently such as hospitals, funeral homes, or churches. Local pages improve your ranking in Google, Bing and other search engines. The pages are optimized to be search engine friendly.

Use these pages to get more user visits and purchases on your flower shop's websites. Any potential customers searching for flower delivery to the location of one of your local pages have a much greater chance of finding your Floranext website.

Note - In order to begin using local pages on your website, you will first need to fill out all location information on your Store Info page. Settings Store Info.

To create a local page, navigate in your Floranext dashboard to Website ➜ Content-Delivery Locations or Website ➜ Pages & links -Delivery Location

If you are adding a city or town - click on the blue button - Click on Add Cities/towns. 

Click on Add City/Town and fill out the required fields: 

  • City/Town Name
  • State/Region
  • Country
  • Page Content - this field is adjustable 
  • Show on the website (Enable or Disable)
  • Position ( where on the page you want to position this page)

Click done once you have added your content, click done

If you are adding a delivery location - click on the blue button -Click on Add Delivery Location.

  • Location Name - this is a searchable field
  • Address - this will be added once you search delivery location
  • Location Type - Hospital, funeral home, school, hotel, etc.
  • Show on the website (Enable or Disable)
  • Page Content
  • Position ( where on the page you want to position this page)

Once you have added your content, click Save.

How to add images and text to the home page

Aside from adding products, banners, blocks, and widgets to your homepage, there is also a space to add custom text and other images.

In your dashboard, navigate to Website ➜ Pages & Links and click on Edit on Home Page.


Editing this page allows you to add content that will show up below the banner area on your front page, above the products.

Note - When you are editing the page, its title may show up as  . This is normal, this is the character for an empty space. You may choose to keep it as the empty space so there isn't an extraneous page title at the top of the content you add.

How to Update the Contact Us Page

The Contact Us page is a premade page on your Floranext website.

The information displayed on the contact us page is:

  • Google Map Code
  • Show Contact Us Form
  • Store Hours

How to add photos/Gallery to your Wedding Page

To add photos to a wedding page, we have created a photo gallery function. This allows you to upload your images and have them displayed nicely for you.

First, navigate to Website ➜ Galleries or Proposals ➜ Galleries. 

Click on the upper right-hand corner button - Add Gallery.

Give your Gallery a Title, Position (number to position Gallery), and enable the Show On Landing Page toggle.
Click on the image button to add images. 

The first image will be the thumbnail on the Proposal List page.

Gallery Text allows you to add some describing text about the gallery. 

Once you have completed adding your Gallery, click Save.

How to Add Video & Slide Shows to Pages


Click here for a tutorial on adding a video to your site with Animoto.

After you have the embed code, go to Website ➜ Pages & Links and find the page you want to edit.

Click "Show/Hide Editor and paste in the embed code you received, then save. Check out the preview or live page to see how it looks! offers a free, easy slideshow creator. It takes just minutes to create stunning slideshows to add to your Floranext website using photos you have on Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram or your computer.

  • Go to and create a free account or sign in using Facebook (recommended to access your Facebook photos)
  • Follow the prompts to add photos and music to your slideshow.
  • Click Share (see image 1 below)
  • Click Embed to access the embed code (see image 2 below)
  • Copy the embed code (see image 3 below), paste it into a Floranext page using the Editor, then save



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