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Most credit card companies have complex rates and fee structures that can make it hard to determine the cost to your business. Stripe is the opposite—they are very clear what you are paying in processing fees. Floranext integrates with Stripe for credit card processing through both your website and POS. Note that rates may differ from those advertised on the Stripe website, so please contact us for details on pricing. 


Stripe Advantages 

Other advantages of using a Stripe account include:

  • No monthly gateway required (save money on gateway fee)
  • Get same-day setup, usually in under 10 minutes
  • No PCI compliance fee, statement fees, device insurance fees, or other hidden charges
  • Flat processing rate on all transactions and all card types (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
  • Full access and control over your Stripe account
  • View detailed credit card processing reports from your Stripe Dashboard.


Please note -Generally for US customers the initial (first) payout will take 7 days for the new account, and then automatically be moved to a 2-day rolling standard payout schedule. This standard schedule varies by country - but in the US it's 2 days rolling.  Customers located in Canada will always default to a 7-day payout.

Setting Up Credit Card Processing Through Floranext

To get started, navigate to Settings > Credit Card > Credit Card and enter your password to continue.

If you don't see an option for the Credit Card menu under Settings, try logging out and back in using the Log Out option under the account menu, or "person icon" (simply closing your browser tab or window and reopening Floranext will not work).

If you already had a Stripe account and were logged into Stripe, the Floranext page should refresh and will display your Stripe account number. The connection is complete, but the payment method will still need to be enabled by a Floranext representative. Please contact Floranext to have the payment method enabled. 

If you already have a Stripe account but were not logged in, use the link in the top right "Already have a Stripe Account? Sign In" to sign in and complete the connection. (see above)

If you need to create a Stripe account, you will receive an email to complete account setup. Click “Claim your Stripe account” to continue to the Stripe website. You will be prompted to create a password for your account.

Your Stripe account is now set up, but you will be unable to capture payments until you complete the next few steps.

To complete the application, you’ll just need your shop’s bank account and routing numbers. Additional information like your shop’s EIN/tax number or personal identification number (ie. Social Security Number) isn’t required.

Click Activate Account on the left to continue.

Fill out the application and click Activate Account to submit. Some fields are optional, but don't forget to verify the account with a phone number!

Once Stripe receives your activation, Floranext will verify your account and test your gateway.

To process a credit card with Stripe, just click the "Credit Card - Stripe" payment method from the Take Payment menu. 

Now that your Stripe account is set up, you are responsible for managing it. Floranext can offer guidance and support, but we have no access to your Stripe account.

Using Your Stripe Account

You can access your Stripe account at

In general, customers processing credit cards in Floranext through Stripe won't need to access their Stripe accounts regularly—there is no need to batch out credit cards, for example.

Detailed reports are available in your Stripe dashboard.

If you're having an issue with Stripe, please see this guide to learn who to contact for troubleshooting and resolution.

Changing Stripe deposit Schedule

First, navigate to your Stripe Dashboard, then go to Payouts on the sidebar.

From the Payouts menu, click Settings. In the Settings screen you'll see your connected bank account information, and beneath that, your Payout Schedule.

By default your payouts will be automatically deposited to the connected bank account every day, seven days from the time payment is received. 

You can change your deposit schedule to daily, weekly, or monthly, and all captured payments within that span of time will be bundled and deposited. We do not recommend switching to manual payouts. 

Accelerating Deposit Schedule

Stripe has their own policy on payout schedule that Floranext has no control over—

however, Stripe has encouraged account holders to use the Contact Us form in the Stripe dashboard to request a shorter payout schedule. Stripe will review the request.

The qualifications for the 2-day payout schedule are as follows:

  • Your business is located in the US or Australia
  • You have actively processed payments for 120 days, or have over 100 charges
  • Your dispute rate is below 0.2%

Accelerated Deposits in Europe and Canada 
Stripe now offers accelerated payout speeds for users and their Standard connected accounts in Europe and Canada, with funds available within 3 business days. After meeting certain criteria based on risk and history with Stripe, users in Europe and Canada are eligible for this faster payout speed option.

You must reach out directly to Stripe by logging into your Stripe Dashboard and contact Stripe Support to check if you are eligible.

Changing Bank Account for Strip Deposits

Navigate to your Stripe dashboard, then go to your transfer tab.

The changes will take effect for all new transfers almost immediately.

Changes made to other Stripe account information will not impact your payout schedule.

Note: If you change your bank account or identification number (eg. Social Security Number), the account status will change to Pending. You will still be able to accept/“capture” payments, but will not receive deposits until the updates are processed, typically 1-2 days after the change is submitted.

Forgot Stripe Password

Recovering your password through Stripe is simple. Just click here and enter the email you created the account under to receive a password reset link.

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